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Mee-ow-wreh.  (Hello, Again)

My name is Tomcat McMuffin, and I am the cat behind the website you're reading right now.  Shtankadoodle was, but due to his lack of enthusiam, I volunteered to take over.

Of course, if you've read the home page, then you already know all of this.  But I bet you don't know that I am:

  • The best cat in all of North Louisiana & the world.  (Oh wait...did I already mention that?  Good.)
  • Loving and affectionate.  Awkward.  Ahem...onto other topics...
  • Overweight and proud of it.  Some outdoor kitties can't afford to be as fat as I am.  If those kitties are reading this post right now and can't take the hint, then I'll spell it out for them:  I.  Am.  Superior.
  • Very sleepy.  A warm spot in the shade on a comfy cushion would make me conk right out. makes we want to roll over on my furry side and fall asleep right nowwwwwwwwwwww.  (Oops--I kind of dozed off on the keyboard.)
  • The cutest kitty you'll ever meet.  That is, if you like fat, sleepy, head-scratch-loving (NOT the back-scratches) and mischevious, kitties.  Oh, wait.  There's only one of those.
  • Not a fan of back scratches.  It makes me ache.  (But I'll forgive you if you accidentally forget)
  • Happy-go-lucky.  Everybody loves me.  How can I afford to not be happy-go-lucky?
  • The most techy cat you'll ever meet.  After all, I have my own website.  And if you're reading this, Lolcats, then you know there is a way to type with paws!!!
  • Irritated by lolcats...and back-scratches.  But I think we already covered this.
  • Always hungry.  Yum.  FOOOD. (Purrposeful typo)

Now, if you've made it through that list without falling asleep (I couldn't), or without losing you're breath because of my awesomeness, then something might be wrong with you.  Because, obviously, I'm awesome.  And if you did catch 40 winks while reading this (I caught 80), then I'm proud of you--that means that you're more like me than I anticipated.  And I'm awesome.  So if you can put together A2 + B2 = C2, then you know that you (A2) + me (B2) in similarity = Awesomeness (C2).

Glad to have you here, fellow awesome person/kitty!  (Because we both know that it's impossible to have made it through that list above without falling asleep or gasping at least once). And, goodnight.  Because awesome kitties like me and you can naps anytime we want.

-Sincerely, Tomcat


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Oct 14, 2012
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