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You know, in world full of lolcats, you can get strained.  You can go crazy.  Some lolcats can make the bad kitty world seem even badder--eh, worse.  So the thing is...they're going world-wide!  They're famous an' on the web!   They're getting out of control and posing a threat to the smart kitties of the universes!...universe.  So see, all the time I spend sleeping, my mind got ta workin'.  What if I led a space expidition! To explore--to leave the lolcats behind!  I gathered up a few non-locats, And then I decided to start up my ship! Now, I am officially "Captain Shtankandoodle" (A title that suits me very well) an' every month or so (although my posts may arrive a little late--maybe it's the wifi out here in the depths of space), I go on a grand adventure through space!  Sometimes I go back in time, or sometimes I'm not going anywhere at all.  It's an exciting new world for me to explore out in space, and now I can!

Meet the crew:

Me, Captain Shtankadoodle.  I'm the captain of the ship.

Subcommander Ocee:  Yes, I invited her along to.  She can be a pain, especially with her made up rule that Ocicats never show emotion while on active duty, but she does keep the ship in ship-shape!

Ensign Mew Mew:  His full name is Ensign Meow Meow, but we usually call him Ensign Mew Mew.  He's a deck worker and also one of my most trusted Ensigns.  Once he survived being on a planet by himself.

Ensign Grace:  She's also a deckworker.  She doesn't have any real talent so some cats call her 'dull' but she really is a good crewemember.  Also, she is Lieutenant Lucky's best friend.

Lieutenant Lucky:  She's my chief engineer, and has a determined, optimistic personality.  Most of the crew is cheered up when they talk to her.

Doctor Spot:  He's the positive and optimitic medical doctor on the Catnip.  He started off as an ensign, and was promoted shortly after displaying valient heroism during the mission to Destiny II.

Ensign Ricky:  He seems to have a crush on Ensign Lucky.  He is also an engineer.

Ensign Ricketta:  Eh...I don't know about her...I think she's an extra.  (That means all the bad stuff happens to her instead of everybody else)

Meanwhile stick along with my exciting series: Star Cats!


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Oct 14, 2012
Category: Captain's Logs
Posted by: weedles
I was sitting under a tree, that was after I got pinned up, let me tell you about that...