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Wise words from Tomcat: "I'm better than a stray.  And a chartreux.  But if you want a kitty even a little like me (And I know you do) then check out the Chartreux breed.  I'm going to go eat some food."

  • Jewllz Chartreux - A Chartreaux breeder in Baton Rouge, LA. This website also has links for historical information on Chartreux cats.
  • - A website dedicated to the rescue of homeless cats and animals.  Help provide a home for a Chartreaux or stray in need of a new home.

More wise words from Tomcat: "I've known quite a few nice humans, but lots of thanks go to the people and volunteers in charge of no-kill initiatives, like this one below.  I'm going to go take a nap."

  • ProjectPurr - A nonprofit website set on finding homes and rescuing cats soon to be put down in the Baton Rouge animal shelters.


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Oct 14, 2012
Category: Captain's Logs
Posted by: weedles
I was sitting under a tree, that was after I got pinned up, let me tell you about that...