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LOLcats.  They're out of control and making us all look like fools!  Hmmph!  I, Shtankadoodle, am mad and I ain't gonna take it no more!  I'm gonna hide out here in my Kitty Shack until I've devised a solution...

Shtankadoodle Ragdoll cat sleeping in his Kitty Shack

Well, hey there internet fans!  I am going to share with you one of my "human-peeves."  I say "human-peeves" because, well, humans have pet-peeves, don't they?  So, why can't a kitty have a human peeve?

You know one thing that really gets my tail all knotted up is how cats do not live up to their full potential.  Come on, kitties!!!  Have some pride!  I am going to post a "lolcat" each weekday, and explain to you how my intelligent species is going to ruin.  I hope that this will inspire felines everywhere to stop acting retarded, and start being the supreme beings that we are.  Learn how to spell, act responsibly, and think outside the litter-box for a change!!!

I appeal to the greater kitty in all of us in hopes of bringing about a better understanding of these misled "LOLcat" kitties' mistakes.  I will write about them in the news section under LOLcat of the day. You can jump there now by clicking here.

Okay, that was tiring.  Now, I must nap.  Good day folks!


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Oct 14, 2012
Category: Captain's Logs
Posted by: weedles
I was sitting under a tree, that was after I got pinned up, let me tell you about that...