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Meow!  I'm Shtankadoodle, and I'm a cat.  Actually, I'm more than that.  I'm a cat in command of an entire starship--you wouldn't believe it from my picture, would you?  (No, not Cattain Shtankadoodle.  Believe me, the cheesy puns can get tiring)

I've done a lot of things. People think that cats don't do much, but they're wrong.  I've done a boatload of stuff. Namely, sleep on the pavement, sleep on the grass, sleep in a planting pot, sleep on an outdoor swing, sleep in a house, sleep on a bed, sleep on a padded car bench, sleep in a tiny cat hut, sleep in the mulch, etc.  And yet with all my wildly exciting adventures, I hadn't dreamed of the adventures I find myself doing today:  Sleeping on a starship!  Sleeping on even an alien planet!  And survey vessels...and stuff.

You see, I'm captain of the Starship Catnip, and I have a crew with a large running tally of somewhere around...well, I don't keep count.  Keeping count is one of those many things that wastes my very valuable sleeping time.  What does matter is that every feline under my command is happy as I guide them--er, they guide me--through the vast depths of space.  Sure, they're probably happy because I suspect that they are partying in the wee hours of the night--or morning (isn't so hard to keep track of time without a sun?)--but, hey!  They're happy!  And again, it's one of those things that I'd rather not get worked up about and instead enjoy a nice, long, nap.  I mean, we get places.  We accomplish the missions that Star Convoy sets for us.  I think.  So again:  What does it matter?

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Oct 14, 2012
Category: Captain's Logs
Posted by: weedles
I was sitting under a tree, that was after I got pinned up, let me tell you about that...