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Sep 6, 2014

Destiny II Mission Part 2

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Last time, on Star Cats:

I licked my fur a little and layed down on my bed. 24 hour shifts suck. Bad. Too bad to even think about it. I yawn and squish my feet up underneath my body, wrapping my tail around them to keep them warm. My eyes almost instantly fall shut. Instantly, everything turns black.

"Pretty crazy shift today huh, Spot?" Ensign Lucky remarks as she climbs out from under one of the shuttle pods she had been working on. The entire crew had had a weary trip crossing space and nebulas. Their imperative mission was to deliver medications and probiotics to the deathly sick scientists on one of the farthest away moon bases, Destiny II


"Um, Ma-Madame-No,-Uh,-Sub-Subcommander Ocee, their was a little blip o-on my radar," Ensign Grace's voice quivers as she tries to explain what she saw. Subcommander Ocee draws a deep breath in annoyance, regretting to say anything for a specific reason--ocicat's never act emotionally when they are on active duty. "It was just a green blip. I saw it though, and it practically grazed our ship-," Ensign Grace stops in mid sentence.

"We don't need your tiredness to get in the way of your responsibility, Ensign." Subcommander warns in a calm voice.

"It's not that," Ensign Grace responds alertly, "It's that now I just think I saw three blips on the screen." Ensign Grace fidgets a little, "Permission to be excused to medical bay, Sir?" Ensign Grace asked, trying to avoid looking Subcommander Ocee directly in the eye as she looks upward.

"Permission granted." Â Ensign Grace practically ran over Subcommander Ocee as she eagerly scurried off the bridge. Subcommander Ocee glanced over the crew on the bridge. "Lieutanant Muffin," Subcommander Ocee, pacing around slowly, "Get Ensign Lucky to prepare the shuttle pod. We're going to see for ourselves what's happening outside the ship."

"Sir, last time we used it in that dusty nebula, it literally ruined that filter. It may take up to an hour to clean, repair, and install it in working order again."

“Then get them to fix it." Subcommander Ocee replied, sitting down in the captain's chair.

Ensign Grace scurries up to the Bridge. "Hey, I just hate working alone...I just got a one hour assignment too, and most of the engine crew is off duty or pre-occupied, so...could you just come and watch me? Please?” Ensign Spot hesitated at Ensign Lucky's request. “Please? Pretty please with a fish fillet on top?” Ensign Lucky begged.
"Um, well, I was just about to hit the sack-," Ensign Lucky interrupted him, grabbing his arm.

"Come on! It's only an hour, you can do it! You have to!" Ensign Spot felt a wave of confusion hit him, and then he felt an even stronger wave of tiredness come over him.

"Fine! I'll stay with you once I get a sandwich wrap!  One hour, okay!!?" Ensign Spot practically shouted.  Ensign Lucky was slighty shocked by Ensign Spot's answer, and was expecting him to put up more of a fight, but she accepted it thankfully.


"I didn't know we could put life support on battery backup, Sir?" Ensign Grace turns her head toward Subcommander Ocee.

"Of course we can! Â Who would design a ship to where you couldn't?!?" Â Subcommander Ocee responds in an aggravated voice. Â At that moment, I limp onto the bridge. Â Nobody asks if I'm hurt, because I always limp.

"Subcommander, did you put the life support on bat-," I immediately ask. Â Subcommander Ocee interrupts.

"Yes, we can use the space suits to preserve our air while we stay up here!" Subcommander Ocee shouts over the panicked crewmembers filing out of the bridge.

Then, the power goes out. The bridge controls were the only thing that functioned in the entire ship at that moment. They (expensively) were designed to preserve energy for any such circumstance. As I start barking orders to Subcommander Ocee, a heat wave hits the ship. Subcommander Ocee puts her helmet on. Safe. I still wonder how this could get so bad, in just two hours of sleep though.

And now, the continuation…

Currently: Ensign Lucky clicked the oxygen helmet on her head into place, taking a deep breath of air. The main corridor had crashed, and the turbo-lift had broken, leaving her stuck in the Engine Room. She had already dragged Ensign Spot into the space suit closet, and slipped one onto him so that he could breath. Ensign Lucky looked down with a startled expression on her face, running her gloved paws over the bumps in the helmet for cat ears. Everything had happened so quickly…well sort of. 3 hours ago a quick rumor had spread that Ensign Grace, a reserved crew member, but one that Ensign Lucky had learned to become almost friends with, had noticed some blips on the radar. They were green, which would have meant enemy ships. However, most of the crew was skeptical that Ensign Grace was seeing correctly. Not Subcommander Ocee though, which had told Ensign Lucky to prepare a ship for investigation. However the filter had been ruined, since they had gone through a dusty nebula, which was why Ensign Lucky had to fix it, and had left her stuck in the Engine Room anyway. Ensign Lucky was unsurprisingly, the mechanic.
“Spot!” Ensign Lucky slapped the helmet to shake Ensign Spot out of his sleep. Due to a long work schedule on a race to get some vital medications to some scientists on the moon base of Destiny II, everybody had been working long hours, except for Subcommander Ocee, who, from the planet Ocicat, could work two days straight without feeling the effects. Ensign Spot had already been up for 23 hours—up until a little earlier, where he went into a deep sleep. Ensign Spot woke up, sleepily at first, until he saw Ensign Lucky’s glowing face in the oxygen helmet.
“Whoa!” Ensign Spot got wide eyed, realizing that he had an oxygen helmet on. Ensign Lucky remembered how thankful she was that Engine Room even had oxygen helmets and space suits,”Why are we in a closet?” A yawn followed his answer, as a wave of sleepiness fell over him again,”Never mind that, I’m sure you have your reasons,” Ensign Spot said softly, in answer to his own question,”Now if you don’t mind, I need to take a nap,” He dimmed the lights inside his helmet by a series of controls along the neckline, and rested his head against his furry brownish-grey paws, wrapping his tail snuggly around himself.
“Ensign Spot! Wake up!” Ensign Lucky hissed—literally. Ensign Spot brought his paws to rub his eyes, and smacked against the durable plastic of the oxygen helmet. He sighed.
“There are like aliens boarding in our dock, and they’ve some how figured out to get all over the ship, even though the turbo lift is broken, and the corridor has collapsed!” Ensign Lucky’s breath hit the helmet, adding a more dramatic to what she said, but fogging up her view.
“Did they try the Catwalk Tube?” Ensign Spot asked, referring to the little tubes that ran all over the ship, and were accessible for accidents like this, or a hard to get to repair. Ensign Lucky looked dumbfounded.
“Your supposed to be tired, don’t whip out this smart talk on me, just go ‘Oooh!” and figure out a way to get us out of this situation!” Ensign Lucky waved her paws wildly, expressing her cluelessness of the situation even more. Ensign Spot stared blankly up at Ensign Lucky. She stared back forming a sort of awkward silence. She blinked. Ensign Spot breathed heavily.
“Oooh.” He said in a girly voice.
1 hour before current time: A sudden thunk against the window disturbed Ensign Ricky’s light sleep, then a grinding screech. He sat up. He hadn’t gotten good sleep, hardly any, all night, and he wasn’t worried about the thunk or the screech—that happened all the time. “Sure,” He thought sleepily,”It could be aliens in their space ship trying to dock, and they would have knocked life support out on the ship, and everybody would be evacuated to medical bay except Shtankadoodle and Ocee, and maybe another random cat because the corridor was blocked and the turbo was shut down, and that the aliens would be boarding the ship through all the Catwalk Tubes that the random other cat overlooked, but that was unlikely. It was most likely,” He continued to think,”A space rock that the poor crew hit again…like always.” He rolled over and tried to get back to sleep, but something felt…off.
30 minutes before current time: Ensign Mew Mew, floated over to Ensign Grace, the gravity had been knocked out, the medical equipment had been turned off to preserve energy, and the only thing that was on was the life support, which had been placed on battery back-up. A panicked buzz of constant chatter filled Ensign Mew Mew’s ears, but some clanking from behind a metal plate on the wall alerted his attention also.
“Grace!” Ensign Mew Mew said loudly, so she could hear him over the noise. She didn’t notice him.
“Ensign Grace!” He repeated loudly. She spun around dizzily,“Do you here that noise?”
“What?” She asked,“That clanking coming from behind this wall?” He grabbed her paw and led her over to the rattling metal plate on the wall. Somehow, now it seemed to have stopped. Ensign Grace blushed.
“Are you doing this just to hold my paw?” She purred. Ensign Mew Mew squinted up his eyes in confusion.
“YEAH...No.” He replied, turning back to the wall and examining. Ensign Grace’s face fell, “I really think that there is something,” He pounded his paw against the wall,"Back there, it was just clanking and making noise…”
“Yeah, its probably,” Ensign Grace yawned, realizing just how exhausted she was,”Some screws getting loose because there is no gravity.”
“Possibly…” Ensign Mew Mew said doubtfully,“But if that’s the case we need to seal it up before it breaks and the oxygen in here runs out.” Ensign Grace got wide-eyed.
“Your right! What do we use?” Ensign Mew Mew’s eyes scanned the medical bay wildly. He turned his face to see most of the floating crew members.
“CREW!” He bellowed. Ensign Grace chimed in.
“CREW!!!!!!” They screamed together. The fearful chatter that previously been filling the room fell silent.
“Look,” Ensign Mew Mew tried to look all the scared crew members in the eye, even though he was certain he had missed a few,“We found an area in the wall-,” Ensign Grace interrupted.
“That is about to fall out because the screws are loose!” Ensign Mew Mew glared at Ensign Grace. The last thing they needed was a panicked crew again.
“But!” Ensign Mew Mew shouted. Everybody stopped talking except for an occasional murmur, “We can fix it,” He looked everybody in the eye again,“If any of can find any techno tape.” Everybody looked at each other, checking their pockets and going over the room to see if any of it was floating anywhere.
“What,” Ensign Grace looked confused,“Is techno tape?”
“Come on! It was the third question on the entry exam for deck worker position!” Ensign Grace couldn’t argue, because Ensign Mew Mew was also a fellow deck worker.
“I repeat: What is techno tape?” Ensign Mew Mew sighed. Every cat aboard the Catnip, their spaceship, no less in Star Convoy, the organization that hired the crew members, and sent the space ships on mission, the directory, should know what techno tape is.
“Must I explain everything to you?” Ensign Mew Mew joked, she smiled faintly, knowing that Ensign Mew Mew meant well,“It’s basically duct tape, just more futuristic.” Ensign Grace tossed the idea around in her mind, thinking about, and letting it sink in.
“Okay. What makes it futuristic?” Ensign Mew Mew stopped smiling, and sighed again.
“Duh. LEDs, now start looking for it.” Ensign Grace scratched her head in confusion, and joined everybody else in searching for it.
“I found some!” A voice from the back called out.
“Yes, but we can’t find a place to plug it in!” Another voice, apparently a friend of the first cat that had spoken, soon followed. Ensign Grace rolled her eyes, plugging in tape was the most stupid thing she had ever heard!
“Let me see.” Ensign Mew Mew called as he swam over. His voice demanded attention, especially since he was the only cat who had stopped the constant chatter. Of course, Subcommander Ocee’s voice also demanded attention, much more than Ensign Mew Mew. Luckily for the crew, she was up on the bridge, with Captain Shtankadoodle, and not in the medical bay.
“Here we go.” Ensign Mew Mew plugged in the techno tape triumphantly, took it out of the paws of the cat who had discovered it, and started to unroll the tape along the loose plate of metal, leading to the Catwalk Tubes. Once he had finished, he stood back to admire his work. A cheer ran through the crew. KA-POW. The metal plate flew off with extra strong force and smacked against the other wall. Luckily, except for a sharp knick and a small yelp from Ensign Ricketta, it didn’t hit anybody. Three aliens floated into room with life suits on. Their big black eyes got round when suddenly noticed, for the first time, all the crew members. One was blue, and looked like it was from a different species, and the other two, were classically green, like all the cartoons. Everybody else’s eyes got round too, but that was more from the sudden amount of oxygen draining out of the room. Ensign Grace quickly grabbed the metal plate, and with a loud "WHAM”, knocked both of the smaller green ones out at once. The blue one, which was about the size of a very big house cat, shot it’s tongue out in some sort of self defense, only to realize that he was in a life suit. His wet, pink tongue smacked back against it’s turquoise blue face, and with some sort of poison, knocked himself out cold, slumping into an unconscious sleep. Ensign Grace swam over to the Catwalk Tube hatch and jammed it into place. Suddenly, the room began filling up with air again. Ensign Mew Mew began barking, or rather, meowing, out orders.
“Alright! strap the aliens down to the medical beds, and me and Ensign Grace will go try to find Ensign Spot!” All the other crew members started chattering noisily again, Spot, their doctor, or almost, he wasn’t actually a doctor yet, but he was the closest thing the Catnip had to one, was somewhere else on the ship! He could still be alive if he was in a life suit, but the life suits were surprisingly un-efficient and lost oxygen rather quickly. The crew members began strapping down the aliens as Ensign Mew Mew began slipping on the blue alien’s suit.
“Grace, can you zip this up for me?” Ensign Mew Mew asked, getting his helmet over his kitty head. Ensign Grace zipped it up with ease, and helped Mew Mew adjust his paws inside of the gloves. She pressed some buttons to activate it, and within an instant, the light turned on, air started to pump into the suit, and it got to a comfortable temperature.
“Mew Mew?” She said, her voice muted slightly as it passed through Ensign Mew Mew’s helmet,“Does it work?” Ensign Mew Mew’s face started turning blue, which was even noticeable from behind his fur, as he gasped for air within his suit and choked on whatever was being pumped into his suit. “MEW MEW!!!!” Ensign Grace shrieked un zipping the suit and jerking him out of it. He took several deep breaths before his face got color again.
“Let’s try the other suits.” He coughed. He was actually surprised. In all the movies and television shows he had watched, whenever one of the main characters slipped on a space suit or whatever, it was always oxygen. “I wonder why that didn’t happen for me?” He asked himself, getting into the green aliens suit, after Ensign Grace gave him the all clear signal. He clicked the helmet into place. This was it, as soon as Ensign Grace removed the metal plate, they would go search for Ensign Spot, and hopefully Ensign Lucky, and Ensign Ricky, which had also not shown up in the medical bay. Ensign Grace with a heavy breath, removed the metal plate, and swam out into the Catwalk Tube. Ensign Mew Mew was quick to follow. Then the plate was jammed into the place once more, and everything turned black except for small glow of the life suits.
Currently: Ensign Lucky took another heavy breath, leaning her butt against door to the closet with her light zapper in paw (in hand). She whirled around and kicked the door open, ready to stun any alien in a moments notice. She was glad that she had remembered to enable her magnetic boots. Her eyes darted back and forth, Ensign Spot poked his helmeted head out also with his light zapper also in paw. Ensign Lucky continued looking around, still taking heavy breaths, and violently swinging her light zapper left to right if she saw anything moving at all. She noticed the plate to a Catwalk Tube knocked on the ground, and next to it, the space shuttle that she had been working on 3 hours ago, crunched and bent like wrap metal. Ensign Lucky winced. That would be a tough fix. Ensign Spot lowered his gun.
“So what are we supposed to do now? Our oxygen in our helmets in minimum.” Ensign Spot observed, looking at the flashing, bold, ‘minimum’ letters across his entire helmet. Ensign Lucky didn’t respond immediately. Personally, Ensign Spot thought that there were two flaws in the design of the life suits. 1. The 'minimum' letters flashed across the entire helmet. Ensign Spot remembered seeing his partner get critically wounded because he had been running around in circles, not knowing which direction was which with the bright red letters in front of his face. He had also seen his other partner break out into seizures on the battlefield because of it also. 2. It read ‘minimum’ and ‘maximum’ when it was full of oxygen, but not 14% or 6% percent on it. Even though, he had heard, the manufacturers had recently updated it to where, after crossing ‘0%’ it began to read ‘-1%’, ‘-2%’ and so on. However helpful that is.
“This is what we do. Follow me.” Ensign Lucky commanded, breaking Ensign Spot out of his deep train of thought, and making a beeline for the parked alien space ship.
20 minutes before current time: Ensign Mew Mew looked backwards. Ensign Grace and him had already been aimlessly wandering the dark Catwalk Tube shafts for ten minutes now, without finding anything, and while the alien life suits were definitely better quality than ones Star Convoy issue ones, the ones that read ‘made in china’ on the back tag, he still wasn’t certain how much air had been used already by the aliens that had previously been in the suit.
“We may be wandering in circles.” Ensign Mew Mew said, noticing a familiar turn that they had already noticed once before.
“Yes, it certainly is easier when the electronic maps are online, Ensign Grace, noticing a computer screen with no power hooked up to it. Usually, those computers would display a map of where you were. Ensign Grace followed Ensign Mew, making a turn down the hallway that they hadn’t turned on before. Somewhere in all the Catwalk Tubes, she had lost Ensign Mew Mew, and when she found him again, he was ahead of her. Now he was in lead. Ensign Mew Mew noticed a faint glow from farther down the hallway.
“Do you see that?” He whispered.
“Yes, I do.” She replied in a low voice,“It’s an alien suit too!” Ensign Mew Mew began dimming the lights in his life suit. Ensign Grace leaned up against the side of the Catwalk Tube, and dimmed the lights in her life suit also.
“I’m pretty certain he hasn’t noticed us…” Ensign Mew Mew whispered softly.
“I think your right.” A quick beam of light flying just above Ensign Mew Mew’s head disproved that theory.
“RUUNN!” Ensign Spot shouted. Then, suddenly notching the current position he was against the wall, he shouted again,“SCOOT!!!” Another beam of light flew directly down the middle of the Catwalk Tube, missing just barely, both Ensign Mew Mew and Ensign Grace. The shooting stopped abruptly.
“Wait!” A voice called from where the firing had come from. Ensign Mew Mew and Ensign Grace remained absolutely still, not making a sound,“I can hear you meowing back and forth to each other! It’s okay, I’m a cat too!” The voice called.
“He’s right.” Ensign Grace said, turning around. Ensign Mew Mew followed until they found where the voice was coming from. Whoever was in it had been kind enough to turn the lighting on to full brightness, so that whoever was there would be able to find him. Ensign Mew Mew and Ensign Grace got within range to see the other cat’s face. It was Ensign Ricky! Ensign Mew Mew smiled happily seeing that they had found someone. Ensign Ricky began tugging at his helmet, to reveal his face even more.
“You might not want to-,” Ensign Ricky pulled his helmet off, extending his paw to shake paws, and then suddenly realizing that there was no oxygen. He quickly, and by quickly, quicker than Ensign Mew Mew had ever seen, snapped his helmet back into place, and gulped down as well as gasped for the oxygen inside. Once he had received enough oxygen, and had dimmed his blaring bright helmet, he began to talk.
“Hi, Mew Mew! Hi…Grace?” He asked, un-assure if that was Ensign Grace’s name or not.
“Yes, Grace.” He smiled brightly for getting it right.
“I’m sorry for firing at you I just thought that you were-,” He began to jabber.
“Yes, we know. We thought that about you too.” Ensign Mew Mew said approvingly. Ensign Grace began to lead the way around the Catwalk Tubes again and Ricky and Mew Mew followed her.
“Do you want to here something funny?” Ensign Ricky asked Mew Mew.
“Well…sure!” Ensign Mew Mew decided on. A little something to brighten up his day definitely was not going to hurt. It would also be good to listen to something rather than fall asleep, which Ensign Mew Mew felt like doing.
“When the life support first turned off, I was locked in my room because something was blocking it in from the other side. And just before it had turned off, these funny looking aliens were trying to open the Catwalk Tube hatch. So I knocked them out cold with hatch and then, just when I thought I was safe, I realized that the suit I was in didn’t even supply oxygen. So by now my face is all purply-blue and I’m in a mad rush to try to slip on the other suit, the one I’m in now. So I’m yanking this alien out of the suit, and then, I slip in, and it’s a tight fit too, and just when I think the air isn’t going to turn on…it does!” Ensign Ricky looked loud of himself fro having something that good to share.
“Seriously? The exact same thing happened when I got this space suit, except when Grace smacked the green aliens, the blue one totally freaked out and shot it’s tongue out at her, and then somehow it poisoned itself into an unconscious state.” Ensign Mew Mew laughed, remembering how funny that was.
“That IS funny.” Ensign Ricky agreed, laughing a little himself.
“We’re almost here.” Ensign Lucky said, turning a corner, “From what I remember it’s a breeze getting to the Engine Room from this point. Just basically a straight path.” She assured Ricky and Mew Mew.
“How long will it be?” Ensign Mew Mew questioned, rounding the corner from behind her.
“Probably, with all this debris,” She shoved some broken metal off to the side, wondering where it mysteriously came from, after all, there wasn’t that much loose metal in the Catwalk Tubes, “20 minutes or so.”
Current time: I, Captain Shtankadoodle, could hardly see through all the smoke. I could hardly hear either, but that was because of how much Subcommander Ocee would’t shut up. My legs were achy also, but I shouldn’t complain. So let’s try again. I, Captain Shtankadoodle, could see like a superhero. I could hear like a superhero too because of how much Subcommander Ocee wouldn’t shut up, and my legs—they were GREAT. I quit being sarcastic to myself and started focusing on the scanners.
“Ocee! Apparently there is like a huge thingy right outside our window!” I shouted, looking up through the scanners`and toward the huge window, where I could see the thingy also.
“Alien spaceship? Yes. I see it too, Captain.” Subcommander Ocee said it with a calm tone, which was so unlike her unusual self. Of course that was because all Ocicats, whenever on active duty, never showed emotion. And I could bet you that I heard a hint of disgust to her voice when she ‘Captain’.
“Ocee. We’re doomed!!” I reply, ignoring a chance pick on Ocee’s emotional way she had said ‘Captain’. This was not the chance to pick on Ocee. This, was the chance, to write out my will and hope someone found it.
“Yes. It appears so. They are charging lasers Captain.” Subcommander Ocee looked up towards me as if asking what to do. We still had gravity because of out magnetic boots. “Too bad for those death sick scientists.” I gulped. Then out of the middle of what seemed nowhere, or maybe just out of the view of the window, a jerking alien space ship seemed to be shooting at the big one.
“What in the world?!” I say, looking at the absurd flying skills of the alien who was destroying the alien space ship that was about to destroy us, “This alien needs to take some flying lessons!”
5 minutes before current time: Ensign Grace sighed, even though it had been less than the suspected 20 minutes, her paws were getting achy. Her only hope was that she knew that she was close to getting out of the Catwalk Tubes.
“We’re finally here!” Ensign Grace cried out with joy, kicking at the Catwalk tube plate. It fell off and landed near a crunched up shuttle pod at the same time Ensign Lucky broke out of the closet with her light zapper in hand.
“En-,” Ensign Mew Mew slapped his paw in front Ensign Grace’s mouth. He hit the durable plastic helmet instead of her mouth, but still sent the same point across.
“Grace, if you shout for her she’ll probably shoot you, remember we look like aliens, and we don’t know if she had her light zapper on stun or not.” Ensign Grace nodded to herself, swallowing, she had just been so happy to have found her fellow crew member alive. It would also hurt (literally) if her Ensign Lucky, who she was beginning to like, shot her. Ensign Grace retreated back into the shadows of the Catwalk Tube just as Ensign Lucky’s eyes scanned over toward the Catwalk Tube. Ensign Lucky made a mad run with Ensign Spot, who had poked his head out from the closet not long ago. From there she couldn’t see where Ensign Lucky was going, but she suspected it was toward the parked alien space ship she had noticed earlier. A gun shot was heard from behind her and Ensign Mew Mew. Grace jerked her head back along with Mew Mew. Ensign Ricky shrugged.
“There was an alien behind us.” He said modestly.
“Aaaaagghhh!! Yeah!!! Aaaaaagghh!!! Yeah!!!” Ensign Lucky cried ‘agh’ when she couldn’t control the ship, and ‘yeah’, when she was able to get a good shot in. Which at this rate, both were happening a lot.
“Lucky! Be careful!” Ensign Spot practically shouted, hanging on to her chair because their was only one, for dear life.
“I’m doing to best I can!” She said, swinging around and shooting at the big alien ship in front of Catnip again. The aliens looked startled by not firing back, as f they didn’t even know how or why their own kind could be firing on them.
“Oh yeah! Who’s your mama?!” With a fiery explosion, Ensign Lucky dusted off her hands victoriously as if to say ‘all in a days work’. Or ‘a job well done’.
“Yeah sure Miss um Smuggy-pants, bring us back to the dock.” That, was not something Ensign Lucky had thought about when she had taken the alien ship.

Captains log: We have apprehended the aliens, apparently my crew had trapped a few in the medical bay, and successfully brought the medications to the scientists on Destiny II. They now seem to be feeling better, and growing their fur back. We are now trying to figure out why the aliens attacked us, but no matter what we do, they don’t seem to know the cat language. They keep repeating "Well well” though, and they look like they’re trying to talk, and not hold back, so maybe that’s a clue. As for my crew, I am very proud of them, they have all done a courageous act today, and are amazing anyway. I am considering asking Star Convoy to upgrade their pay from minimum wage, and let Ensign Spot take a doctors course. He certainly is responsible enough to be one. And as for my crew reacting to the aliens that we are currently holding in captivity. Nothing abnormal…Ensign Mew Mew seamed to have turned pail when he saw the aliens repeat ‘Well well’, so I am curious to know if he knows something…He probably doesn’t though, so I won’t bother to ask him. It’s just his nature—he’s a good sport though, good sport. All the rest of the crew seems to not care, and be just as boggled as me with this ‘Well well’ act. Oh well. In time we’ll figure out I suppose. Or maybe not.

-Captain Shtankadoodle

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